How do you kick off the year and motivate 250 eager sales executives? You host a high energy, night of competition and fun activities at the Dallas Cowboy’s world headquarters indoor practice field, of course!

That’s exactly what we did with this leading commercial real estate and mortgage services company and we called it the “Berkadia Pro Bowl”.

The night began with us seamlessly managing transportation and staffing services for 250+ guests from the new Omni PGA to the Star in Frisco. As guests stepped out onto the field for the first time, they walked through a custom Pro Bowl LED entrance piece that was brought to life with intelligent lighting and fog machines giving our guests that special welcome they deserve. Don’t forget to stop and look up at the jumbotron, as our videographer was IMAGing each guests as they entered the event.

Some additional décor enhancements to the field included a custom wrapped 360 degree bar,  LED signage displaying a football-themed concessions menu to enhance the sports atmosphere, Oversized LED letters spelling out the clients name and making for a great photo opportunity, and Dallas Cowboy’s themed tables designs and furnishings.

– The evening was filled with a mix of competitive and collaborative activities designed to engage guests and bring out that competitive spirit in everyone:

  • A punt, pass, and kick competition allowed participants to showcase their athletic skills.
  • An agility course tested guests’ speed and coordination.
  • A flag football tournament provided a fun and active way to engage in friendly competition.
  • Company and football trivia games encouraged mental agility and teamwork.
  • Philanthropic activities, benefiting a local charity, fostered a sense of community and giving back.

 Guests were provided with custom-printed team shirts, dividing them into regions to encourage regional pride and competition. The team shirts not only enhanced the visual theme but also fostered team spirit and camaraderie.


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