When asked to design a Cinco De Mayo outdoor tent event for a leading Oil and Gas Company, our team was up for the challenge!

Before we could even begin, our team first had to erect a 10,000 sq ft frame tent, build a 800 sq ft catering prep tent and deliver upscale restroom trailers and generators for the event.

This event was a vibrant and festive celebration not only for Cinco de Mayo, but to celebrate the hard work and dedication of the employees of the company. This event featured an array of colorful decorations and lively activities. Bright, cheerful florals arranged in terra cotta pots add a touch of natural beauty and a nod to traditional Mexican aesthetics. An impressive 14-foot tall donkey piñata serves as a striking centerpiece, capturing attention and embodying the playful spirit of the occasion.

Guests enjoyed a chilled cerveza or one of the many flavored margaritas from the custom Fiesta bar.  A whimsical swing, perfect for photo opportunities, was adorned with festive decorations, making it an ideal spot for capturing memories.

Adding to the charm, a beer burrow—a friendly donkey equipped to serve cold beverages—roamed the event, providing a unique and interactive experience. Additionally, two llamas dressed in colorful Mexican serapes and sombreros further contribute to the festive ambiance, delighting attendees and adding to the authentic feel of the celebration.

Oher unique and on theme event activations included a flower cart filled with authentic Mexican candy and cookies for guests to enjoy, a unique sweet treat bar that included chamoy and tahin gummie bears, mango chili cotton candy and margarita popcorn, and a photo bus (aka a 1975 Volks Wagon van converted into a backseat photo opportunity) with fiesta props.


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