Naughty Never Felt So Nice! Our objective with this leading oil and gas client was to create an immersive, unforgettable holiday party experience that blends the nostalgia of a 1920s jazz club with the allure of a modern speakeasy, offering guests a night of entertainment, luxury, and surprises throughout the event!

Upon arrival, guests were greeted at a custom marquee vintage ticket counter, setting the tone for the evening with an authentic 1920s aesthetic. The ticket counter, crafted to replicate a historic theater box office and complete with custom marquee posters highlighting the evening’s performances, provided a seamless check-in experience.

Once inside the Refinery Jazz Club, (the name we gave this club) guests were transported back in time to a vintage and nostalgic 20s era jazz club. Some of the highlighted installations were a floor to ceiling burgundy drape treatment, custom fabricated stage backdrop, a black and white checkered dance floor and curated lounge furnishings complete with faux brick wall backdrops that showcased old photographs from the companies history.

The space featured live jazz musical acts that filled the room with classic melodies, enhancing the ambiance. Handcrafted cocktails were served at custom-built bars, complete with a matching back bar adorned with a large mirror and lighting effects, capturing the elegance of the era. Other activities in the Jazz Club included billiards, a photo booth and digital caricature artists.

The Secret Speakeasy:

A meticulously constructed 30’ long by 12’ high wall with built in lighting, crown molding and framed artwork, served as a barrier between the jazz club and the hidden speakeasy. The secret entrance, guarded by a towering 7’ tall bouncer, added an element of intrigue and exclusivity. Guests could only enter if they knew the password.

The interior of the speakeasy was designed to be breathtaking, featuring numerous modern, custom-crafted installations including:

  • A central 360-degree bar, becoming the focal point of the room.
  • Private booth nooks equipped with built-in chandeliers and light sconces, offering intimate spaces for guests.
  • A 20’ long by 14’ high custom CNC-cut stage backdrop, complete with programmable LED lighting effects, provided a stunning visual element.
  • A gifting suite storefront where guests could choose from one of the many custom printed promotional items to take home as a memento to the event.

The speakeasy was alive with a variety of entertainment options: A dueling piano act captivated guests with lively, interactive performances to open the night, while our DJ closed the night and had everyone not wanting to leave the dance floor!  A holiday gifting suite allowed guests to choose custom-printed promotional items like etched rocks glasses with custom leather stamped coasters, stainless steel cocktail bar set and a traveling wine carafe. Casino gaming tables offered a thrilling diversion, while flair bartenders dazzled with their craft cocktail skills. A 360 Photo Booth and other photo opportunities provided fun and memorable keepsakes and an affogato station delighted guests with a luxurious late night coffee-based dessert.

For those seeking an even more exclusive experience, a hidden cigar lounge offered fine scotch and custom-rolled cigars. This secluded area provided a relaxed environment for guests to unwind and enjoy a touch of sophistication.

The Modern Speakeasy Holiday Party was a resounding success, leaving guests with lasting memories of an extraordinary evening. The combination of authentic 1920s charm and contemporary luxury created a unique and immersive experience, making it a standout event of the holiday season!


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